Latest Update Gov Of Pakistan Again Issued 8171 Benazir Card For All Beneficiaries Of BISP 2024

8171 Benazir Card:

The government of Pakistan has decided to reintroduce the 8171 Benazir Card for ladies as a phase of the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP). This miss is available in reaction to the challenges confronted by way of beneficiaries of the Benazir Kefayat software program in receiving their installments right away. Many deserving human beings have encountered delays of more than a few months in having to get admission to their installments.

The government’s initiative includes issuing Benazir playing playing playing cards to ladies enrolled in the Benazir Kafalat application, enabling them to besides problems accumulate their installments from ATMs. The BISP software plans to distribute Benazir taking part in playing playing cards to all eligible customers, streamlining the system of receiving financial help.

Reasons for Restarting 8171 BISP Card 2024:

Verification Failure:

One of the important elements for reintroducing the BISP card is the failure of thumbprint verification in the path of the installment disbursement technique for ladies from low-profit families. Many elderly ladies have faced challenges in receiving Benazir Kafalat software installments due to problems with thumbprint verification. The creation of the Benazir Card pastimes to cope with this issue.

HBL E-Connect Shop Fraud:

Another massive motive at the lower back of the creation of the BISP ATM card is the stated fraudulent topics to do via the use of representatives of HBL E-Connect shops. Instances of representatives deducting installments and people not accepting the deduction have caused headaches. To deal with the immoderate extent of proceedings, BISP is introducing the ATM card to make advantageous beneficiaries accumulate their full stipends.

8171 Benazir Card


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How to Obtain an 8171 Benazir Card:

Users affiliated with the BISP software program application who need to build up the Benazir card can comply with these steps:

Visit the nearest BISP Tehsil Office.

Provide your National Identity Card and the slip issued via the NSER Survey.

Obtain a software program application form for the ATM card from the BISP tehsil office.

Complete the shape with the desired facts put it lower return to the BISP tehsil office.

Users will achieve SMS notifications from 8171 while the Benazir taking part in gambling cards are prepared for distribution. Subsequently, they can accumulate their Benazir by taking part in gambling and playing cards from their nearest BISP tehsil office.

How to Obtain 8171 Benazir Card


How to Use BISP ATM Card:

To withdraw installments using the Benazir Income Support Program ATM card, examine these steps:

Visit the closest HBL ATM.

Insert your Benazir card and await the processing to finish.

Enter your National Identity Card massive variety and 4-digit PIN while brought about at the display.

View your installment volume on the screen.

Choose the withdrawal choice to get the right of entry to your coins as wished.

It is vital no longer to proportion your PIN with sincerely everyone to ensure the safety of your installment.

Table: Quick Information

ProgramBenazir Income Support Programme (BISP)
PurposeProvides financial assistance to underprivileged families in Pakistan
Card NameBISP Payment Card
Number:8171 (used for SMS and website access)
EligibilityDetermined by National Socioeconomic Registry (NSER) survey
BenefitsCash transfers through ATMs or HBL biometric ATMs
SMS NumberSend queries to 8171 (charges may apply)


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the significance of the 8171 Benazir Card update in 2024?

The update signifies the government’s continued willpower to help underprivileged families via the Benazir Card Program.

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Who is eligible to have a look at the Benazir Card?

Eligibility standards normally consist of elements consisting of own family profits, household length, and socio-financial status.

How can I look for the Benazir Card?

Interested folks can practice using submitting a software form alongside supporting files to appropriate authorities.

What documents are required for the Benazir Card application?

Applicants might also need to deliver evidence of identity, income certificate, and own family details.

What are the blessings of the Benazir Card Program?

The software program presents monetary help to meet primary desires, empowers ladies, and contributes to poverty discounts and socio-monetary improvement.


The issuance of 8171 Benazir Cards through the Government of Pakistan underscores its willpower to advertise social justice and financial development. By extending economic assistance to the beneficiaries of the BISP 2024, the authorities aim to tackle poverty and empower marginalized communities all through the U.S.A.

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