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Aurat Foundation Programs

The Aurat Foundation Programs is a distinguished non-earnings affiliation based totally in Islamabad, Pakistan, that advocates for ladies’s rights. Established in 1986 with the aid of Nigar Ahmed and Shahla Zia, the muse has an extended and distinguished history of operating to empower ladies and promote gender equivalency in Pakistan. Read: BISP Payment 

Aurat Foundation Programs Mission and Vision   

The Aurat- Foundation’s fee is to produce” huge mindfulness and commitment for a simply, famous and caring society in Pakistan, where women and men are regarded as equals, with the proper to steer their lives with tone- recognize and pleasant.”

Aurat Foundation Areas of Work   

The foundation works in some of critical regions, consisting of:

  • Education:The Aurat Foundation works to promote women’ education and get admission to to satisfactory training for all.
  • Profitable commission: The foundation affords training and assist to women to help them begin and run their personal corporations.
  • Health: The Aurat Foundation works to ameliorate girls’s get admission to to healthcare and lift focus approximately crucial fitness troubles.
  • Violence towards girls: The foundation gives help to victims of violence and works to elevate mindfulness approximately the issue.
  • Legal rights: The Aurat Foundation gives criminal resource to girls and works to reform discriminative laws.

Aurat Foundation Programs


Aurat Foundation Programs Impact   

The Aurat Foundation has had a extensive impact on the lives of ladies in Pakistan. The foundation has helped to:

  • Increase women’ registration within the academy.
  • Support girls to begin and run their very own organizations.
  • Raise mindfulness about crucial health problems.
  • Give guide to victims of violence.
  • Advocate for reforms to discriminative laws.  Read: Benazir Qist 

Aurat Foundation Criticisms  

The Aurat Foundation has also faced some assessment, with some criminating it of being too Western- acquainted and out of contact with the realities of Pakistani society. Still, the inspiration stays an essential voice for ladies’s rights in Pakistan and continues to work to make a difference inside the lives of girls and women.

What’s the Work of the Aurat Foundation?  

Area of WorkDescriptionImpact
EducationPromotes girls’ education, advocates for quality education for all.Increased girls’ enrollment in schools, supported educational initiatives.
Economic EmpowermentProvides training and support to women to start businesses.Empowered women with economic independence, fostered micro-entrepreneurship.
HealthImproves women’s access to healthcare, raises awareness about health issues.Increased access to healthcare services, addressed critical health concerns for women.
Violence Against WomenProvides support to victims, raises awareness about violence.Offered support and safe havens for victims, advocated for anti-violence measures.
Legal RightsProvides legal aid to women, works for legal reforms.Supported women in legal battles, fought for discriminatory law amendments.
Advocacy & PolicyLobbying for legislation, influencing policy to address gender issues.Secured policy changes for women’s rights, influenced national dialogues on gender equality.
Research & PublicationsConducting research, publishing reports on women’s issues.Contributed data and insights for better policy-making, raised awareness through publications.
Community MobilizationEngaging communities, empowering women at grassroots level.Built collective action and agency among women, challenged social norms through grassroots initiatives.
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Aurat Foundation Jobs Latest Update 2024

Unfortunately, as of February 18, 2024, there are no cutting-edge job openings listed on the Aurat Foundation internet site. However, primarily based on the statistics available, I can offer you with the following table summarizing feasible options for searching for Aurat Foundation job opportunities: Read: Ehsaas Rashan Program 

Regularly check the Aurat Foundation websiteThe “Jobs & Tenders” section of the website is updated when new opportunities arise. You can set up notifications with job aggregators like Indeed or LinkedIn for “Aurat Foundation” jobs.
Follow Aurat Foundation social mediaThey sometimes announce job openings on their Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn pages.
Express your interest directlyWhile there aren’t open positions now, consider sending a speculative application or resume expressing your interest in future opportunities aligned with your skills and experience. You can email their HR department or use the contact form on their website.
Monitor other job boardsLook for relevant positions on platforms like ROZEE.PK mentioning the Aurat Foundation.
Network with Aurat Foundation staff or partnersConnecting with individuals involved with the organization could give you insights into potential openings and future needs. Attend relevant events or conferences where they might be present.


Aurat Foundation Jobs Contact

The Aurat Foundation does not have a single contact number specifically for job inquiries. Still, grounded on the information available, then are some ways you can reach them regarding job openings:

Direct Email  

  • You can shoot your capsule and a cover letter expressing your interest in unborn  openings to their mortal coffers department dispatch address( dispatch address removed).
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Contact Form   

  • The Aurat Foundation website has a contact form where you can leave a communication for colorful departments. You can pierce the form then https// Choose” mortal  coffers” from the” Department” dropdown menu and briefly mention your interest in job openings in the communication section. Read: Ehsaas Aghosh Program 

Specific locations  

  • Still, you can find their individual contact  figures on the” communicate Us”  runner of their website https:// www, If you know the Aurat Foundation office  position you’d prefer to You can  also call their main number and ask to be connected to the Human coffers department.

Social Media: Aurat foundation Programs

  • While not directly for job inquiries, you can follow the Aurat Foundation on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook




  • You can communicate on these platforms expressing your interest in implicit openings and mentioning your applicable chops and experience.

Networking: Aurat foundation Programs

  • Consider attending events or conferences where the Aurat Foundation might be present. This could be a good  occasion to network with their staff and learn about implicit job openings. You can also connect with individualities involved with the association on LinkedIn or other professional platforms. Read: Benazir Income Support Program 

Overall, the Aurat Foundation is a well- admired association that has made a significant  donation to the advancement of women’s rights in Pakistan.

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