Greatest Update: Bahimat Buzurg Program Online Registration

Bahimat Buzurg Program

Bahimat Buzurg Program In our society, there are human beings who are ancient and need help to meet their wishes. The want for assistance may also additionally be financial or physical. The want can also be that our authorities, have started only a few packages for the elderly and there are only a few departments that are operating for the aged, or even those which have cash no longer carrying out the elderly. The Government of Pakistan released the Bahamat Buzurg Program on October 8, 2011. The motive of this software program changed into one to assist the elderly in society and assist them in helping themselves. The finances of the Bahamas buzurg utility are above two million.

Bahimat Buzurg Program Online Registration New Update

The Registration of the Bahimmat Bazurg Program has been started. Now the application can be run by way of the usage of the Benazir Support Program and underneath this application, terrible aged people over 60 years can be given a resource of Rs. Nine,000 every and every 3 months. Pakistan has released brave elderly software to help the human beings of Pakistan in Pakistan. In which they may be financed.

The Benazir Income Support Program has selected the week for registration to defend the elders from warmth at some point during registration. Only the elderly and special human beings can register on this day. The cause of strolling this software used to be to assist the buzurg human beings in society by using the use of giving them coins so that they can get their coins underneath executive Pakistan’s assistance and use the coins for assistance.

Imran Khan’s management launched this software, and it has been doing properly ever given that. This software masks senior residents who are sixty-five years old and the advantage is that it’ll assist many human beings which allows you to get help from this application every three months.

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Bahimat Buzurg Program


How to take a look at the Ba limit Buzurg utility

First of all, you want some necessities for the registration.

if you are sixty-five years old, then you may practice.

visit the Govt Pakistan internet website and click on on Bahimat Buzurg Program.

click on registered and post documents, and register yourself.

Once you have enrolled, a consultant (bop) will contact you and ask you a few questions earlier than disbursing your dollars below the Be Himmit Buzurg application.

in this program, completely 1 person can study from the whole family, and all of the coins that you will get are a hassle from Bop. You’ll get 6000 after three months or 2000 every month. This is a first-rate application for buzurg human beings.

The satisfactory manner to take a look at the amount of this software program is that you’ll have an ATM card, you may insert it and take a look at how lots coins you’ve got left. You can check your balance by calling the Bank of Punjab and sharing your info. You can use the ATM from any monetary institution given using the way of the Bank of Punjab and the process of using it’s far very smooth.

First of all, input your ATM on any ATM.

Enter your PIN inside the ATM; your balance is indicated on your screen

you can select an alternative and withdraw cash from the ATM

Eligibility Criteria For Ba Himmat Buzurg Program.

The Punjab Bahamat Buzurg Program was once started for the needy or those who are sixty-five years old or older. In the brand new 12 months, the government of Pakistan has allocated three billion rupees for this utility on the muse of Buzurg individual. Two thousand rupees can be given every month on the way to meet their wishes. This is a complete utility for the authorities of Pakistan.

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Buzurg people should now not reach out to anyone and might meet their needs with this money. Punjab Social Protection Authority will fill this hole by using using launching of the Bahimat Buzurg Program on the way to supply dignified 4 social pensions to senior citizens above sixty-five years of age in Punjab. These senior residents will unfold essential social messages of their villages. The coins from the Bahimat Senior Program additionally come after three months, it has moreover begun coming now to those who’ve been already registered in this program. Those who have however started registering for the software can get work finished in the application.

How to take a look at to the Ba himmit buzurg utility


Table: Quick Information

Target AudienceElderly people aged 65 and above in Punjab, Pakistan
Launched byPunjab Social Protection Authority (PSPA)
Launched inMarch 2020
ObjectiveProvide financial assistance and improve the socio-economic well-being of poor elderly people
BenefitA monthly stipend of Rs. 2,000 for eligible individuals
Eligibility– Elderly females not receiving the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP)



The modern replacement to the Bahimat Buzurg Program brings welcome upgrades to the registration procedure, making it much less difficult and greater reachable for seniors to get admission to monetary assistance and assistance offerings. By embracing online registration, the software demonstrates its willpower to serve the goals of aged citizens correctly.

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