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BISP Tehsil Center:

The Ehsaas Program in Pakistan plays an important function in supplying monetary assistance to the economically inclined segments of society. To make the incredible implementation of this software, the government has hooked up Tehsil Centers, the places people can search for assistance, check in complaints, and take care of issues associated with the program. If you come back for the duration of demanding situations or have concerns, follow this complete fact to document a grievance at the BISP Tehsil Center.

Steps to File a Complaint:

Step1: Visit the Nearest BISP Tehsil Center:

If you face any problems or have complaints concerning your Ehsaas Program bills, go to the nearest Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) Tehsil Center.

Step2: Obtain a Complaint Form:

Approach the guide on the Tehsil Center and request a complaint form. Fill on your non-public facts and critical elements concerning the character of your criticism.

Step3: Submit the Complaint Form:

After ending the shape, post it to the representative. They will tell you by way of the submission manner.

Step4: Verification Process:

Your submitted information will undergo a verification system. This step ensures the accuracy of the small print provided.

Step5: Receive Confirmation via using the usage of SMS:

Within some days, you’ll gather an affirmation SMS from BISP via the 8171 helpline. This message will well understand the receipt of your complaint and supply relevant details.

Step6: Follow-Up on the Complaint:

Keep music of your complaint via functionality of following up with the BISP Tehsil Center. They will supply updates on the reputation and selection of your subject.

BISP Tehsil Center
BISP Tehsil Center


Addressing Payment Issues:

If you face fee-related issues, such as deductions or irregularities, take the following steps:

Step1: Report to BISP Tehsil Center:

If you have issues with the rating process, document it right now in the manual at the BISP Tehsil Center.

Step2: File a Complaint:

Use the grievance shape to record price discrepancies and publish it for an overview.

Step3: Verification and Resolution:

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The submitted complaint will suffer verification, and suitable measures may be taken to get to the backside of the fee issues.

Step4: Contact Helpline for Assistance:

If wished, contact the BISP helpline at 8171 for greater help and education on resolving fee worries.

8171 BISP Registration Process:

To achieve from the Ehsaas Program, take a look at these steps for registration:

Step1: Complete the Survey:

Visit your nearest Benazir Income Support Program administrative center and the complete survey procedure. Provide the vital records to provoke your registration.

Step2; SMS Registration:

Alternatively, you could register via the use by sending your National Identity Card (NIC) to 8171 with the useful aid of SMS. This initiates the registration system.

Step3: Verify Eligibility:

After ending the registration, wait for an affirmation SMS. This message will let you know approximately your eligibility repute.

BISP Web Portal for Checking Eligibility:

If deciding to take a look at your eligibility at the BISP internet portal, have a look at the steps:

Step1: Visit the Official Portal:

Go to the expert portal furnished via BISP.

Step2: Enter Personal Information:

Enter your NIC vital factors inside the brilliant fields at the portal.

Step3: Captcha Code:

Type the captcha code displayed on the portal.

Step4: Submit Information:

Click the post button to ship your information to the BISP workplace.

Step5: Check Eligibility:

The verification manner will commence, and you may be notified approximately your eligibility on the display.

BISP Customer Support Complaints:

For direct assistance and criticism registration, make use of the BISP helpline:

BISP Tehsil Center
BISP Tehsil Center


Helpline Information:

Official Website: BISP Official Website

Contact Number: 080026477

The helpline is on hand 24/7 to manage your troubles and provide assistance for any troubles related to the Ehsaas Program.


Q: Can I document a complaint online?

Yes, BISP gives an online complaint submission portal for added convenience.

Q: How long does it take to get to the bottom of a criticism?

The selection time varies depending on the nature of the complaint, but BISP strives to address them directly.

Q: What if I’m no longer comfortable with the selection provided?

You can boom your complaint to more authorities inner BISP for an additional overview.

Q: Are there any costs related to filing a complaint?

No, filing a grievance at BISP Tehsil Centers is free of fee.

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Q: Can I file a criticism on behalf of any man or woman else?

Yes, you could document a complaint on behalf of a household member or every other beneficiary, provided you’ve got the fundamental authorization.

Q: How can I tune the fame of my complaint?

BISP presents a monitoring mechanism for the location where you could test the reputation of your grievance online or with the useful resource of contacting the Tehsil Center.

Q: What if I face difficulties in accomplishing the Tehsil Center?

BISP lets in beneficiaries through providing touch records for Tehsil Centers and supplying instruction on choice techniques of accomplishing out.

Q: Are there any language obstacles in submitting a complaint?

No, BISP ensures language assistance for beneficiaries who might also face problems speaking in Urdu or English.

Q: Can I position up greater information after filing my grievance?

Yes, you may put up extra data or information to assist your criticism at any stage of the manner.

Q: How does BISP make certain confidentiality of complaints?

BISP continues strict confidentiality protocols to protect the identification and privateness of complainants at some level within the decision technique.

In the end, submitting a criticism at BISP Tehsil Centers is a proactive step in the course of ensuring accountability, transparency, and accelerated services in the Benazir Income Support Programme. By adhering to the mentioned approaches and overcoming plausible demanding situations, beneficiaries make contributions to a more environment pleasant and responsive social help gadget.

Exciting news for Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) beneficiaries! The BISP Card has officially been launched, providing an easier and more efficient way for recipients to access their financial assistance. This card aims to streamline the disbursement process, reduce delays, and enhance transparency in the distribution of funds. Beneficiaries can now conveniently withdraw their payments from designated ATMs and Point of Sale (POS) machines using the BISP Card.

This initiative is part of the government’s ongoing efforts to improve the effectiveness of social welfare programs and ensure timely support for those in need. For more information on how to obtain and use the BISP Card, visit the official announcement [here]. The introduction of the BISP Card marks a significant step towards modernizing the welfare system in Pakistan, making it more accessible and user-friendly for all beneficiaries.


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