Breaking News: Govt Mulls Alternative Scheme to Cash Rewards for IT Companies 2024

Cash Rewards for IT Companies

The government is considering a new approach to replace cash rewards for IT companies that export their services. This move aims to provide a more structured and efficient support system for the IT sector, ensuring its sustainable growth and contribution to the economy.

Background on Cash Rewards for IT Companies

Current Scheme Overview

The current cash reward scheme offers financial incentives to IT companies that export their services. These rewards have played a significant role in boosting the sector’s growth, encouraging more companies to expand their services internationally.

Importance to the IT Sector

The IT sector is crucial for economic development, providing numerous job opportunities and contributing significantly to national growth. The cash reward scheme has been a key driver in this progress, enabling companies to compete on a global scale.

Initial Meeting

Leadership and Key Attendees

The initial meeting of the Functional Committee on Information Technology and Telecommunication was led by Minister of State for IT and Telecommunication, Shaza Fatima Khawaja. Key attendees included Member IT Syed Junaid Imam, Member Telecom Muhammad Jahanzeb Rahim, and representatives from the Finance Division, Ministry of Commerce, State Bank of Pakistan, Pakistan Software Houses Association (P@SHA), and Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).

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Objectives of the Meeting

The main objective of the meeting was to discuss the current cash reward scheme and explore alternative methods to support the IT sector more effectively and sustainably.

Discussion on the Cash Reward Scheme

Current Scheme Explanation

Nadeem Malik, Secretary General of P@SHA, explained the current cash reward scheme for the IT industry. This scheme offers monetary incentives to IT exporters, which has been essential for the sector’s expansion and international competitiveness.

Considering an Alternative Plan

New Scheme Proposals

The meeting focused on discussing a new plan to replace the cash rewards for IT exporters. Various ideas were considered to continue supporting the IT sector effectively and sustainably.

Formation of a New Committee

Key Members

A committee was formed to further explore the new scheme. The members include Member IT Syed Junaid Imam, P@SHA Secretary General Nadeem Malik, and a representative from the State Bank of Pakistan.

Roles and Responsibilities

This committee will investigate various models to find a better way to support IT companies, ensuring that the new scheme addresses the sector’s needs and promotes sustainable growth.

Cash Rewards for IT Companies


The government’s consideration of an alternative scheme to cash rewards for IT companies marks a significant step towards sustainable growth and support for the IT sector. By exploring new models, the government aims to ensure that the IT industry continues to thrive and contribute to the economy.


What is the current cash reward scheme for IT companies?

The current scheme provides financial incentives to IT exporters to help the sector grow.

Who are the members of the newly formed committee?

The committee consists of Member IT Syed Junaid Imam, P@SHA Secretary General Nadeem Malik, and a representative from the State Bank of Pakistan.

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What is the goal of the alternative scheme?

The goal is to replace the cash reward scheme with a more effective and sustainable model to support IT companies.

Why is the government focusing on the IT sector?

The IT sector is vital for economic development, offering numerous job opportunities and significantly contributing to national growth.

How will the new scheme impact the IT sector?

The new scheme aims to provide a more structured and efficient support system, ensuring the IT sector’s sustainable growth and competitiveness.

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