Urgent Notice: Final Opportunity to Obtain Rations through Negahban Program

Final Opportunity to Obtain Rations via Negahban Program

Latest Updates on the Negahban Program

Amidst the holy month of Ramadan, the Punjab government continues its efforts to extend maximum relief to impoverished people through the continuing distribution of ration luggage under the Negahban Program. Teams deployed with the aid of the authorities are diligently wearing out door-to-door verifications and imparting ration luggage to eligible recipients. However, there are many those who are yet to acquire their allotted rations. This article offers comprehensive steering for those in need of help.

Final Opportunity to Obtain Rations via Negahban Program

Acquiring Rations for Eligible Individuals

Poor and deserving individuals can avail themselves of loose rations furnished through the government with the aid of following the outlined manner. If you are but to receive your ration, adhere to the steps detailed in this article, ensuring you own a valid ID card for verification functions.

How Can Ineligible Persons Access Rations?

The very last section of ration distribution under the Negahban software is underway. Here, I’ll delineate the method for two classes of people: those registered but anticipating ration distribution and those unregistered but in want of assistance.

Registered Individuals:

Individuals registered below the Benazir Income Support Program or the Ehsaas Program who haven’t received their rations can sign in their proceedings by way of contacting the Chief Minister Punjab Complaint Cell helpline at 0800-02345. This helpline, set up by using PITB, enables registration and resolution of court cases associated with the Negahban software. Rations may be supplied within 24 hours of filing the complaint.

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Acquiring Rations for Eligible Individuals

Unregistered Individuals:

Those now not enrolled within the Benazir Income Support Program or the Ehsaas Program however facing monetary instability can go to their nearest BISP tehsil workplace for registration. Upon meeting the eligibility standards for publish registration, they’ll be deemed eligible to get hold of ration bags. It’s important to notice that ration baggage is solely furnished to registered individuals in Punjab. Cash monetary assistance is to be had below the Ramadan bundle in Sindh and KPK.

Required Documents for Ration Collection and New Registration

For ration collection, eligible individuals need to present their unique NADRA-issued ID card. Lack of proper identification can also bring about verification failure, leading to deprivation of updates.

For a new registration, the following files are required:

  • ID Card
  • Electricity or fuel bill
  • Proof of profits
  • Information approximately household individuals
  • Educational qualifications
  • Children’s Bay Form


The Negahban Ramadan program initiated by way of the Punjab government stands as a beacon of wish for the deserving populace. Despite making sure ration supply in eighty percent of the areas, there stay people yet to receive their rations. Nevertheless, the government endeavors to expedite assistance to all in want. This article gives a complete guide for deprived individuals to achieve their ration luggage and provides insights for the ones searching for registration. For further inquiries about this system, experience loose to reach out via comments.

📢 Exciting News for Families! 📢

The Ehsaas Program has launched the Roshan Gharana Program for 2024, aimed at providing comprehensive support to low-income households across Pakistan. This initiative focuses on improving living standards by offering financial aid, educational assistance, and healthcare benefits to eligible families.

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Registration for the Roshan Gharana Program is now open. The program is designed to uplift families by ensuring they have access to essential resources and opportunities for a better future. By participating in this program, families can receive the support needed to overcome financial challenges and achieve greater stability.

For detailed information on the Roshan Gharana Program, including eligibility criteria and the registration process, visit the link below. This resource provides all the necessary details to help you apply and benefit from this initiative.

🔗 Read more here 🔗

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