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International Scholarships Programs 

Want to take a look at abroad in 2024 or 2025 Browse through seventy-five of the stylish international scholarships applications for Distance Learning Courses, Training/ Short Courses, Maids Degrees, Masters Degrees, and PhD Degrees that you should watch out for in 2023.

Scholarship for International Students 

The Commonwealth Distance Learning literacy aids campaigners to looking at Master’s diploma guides which can be moreover provided in cooperation with universities in growing countries, or introduced at once by using UK establishments.

List International Scholarships Programs 

Gates Cambridge literacy 

Study at the University of Cambridge, UK, with complete backing and benefits for extremely good council students from growing international locations.

Rhodes literacy

Pursue a postgraduate parchment at the University of Oxford, UK, with complete backing and a pictorial community for lousy council pupils from a variety of ethnicities.

Schwarzman Scholars Program 

Immerse yourself in China’s world affairs at Tsinghua University, Beijing, with full backing, mentorship, and creative guests . ( Deadline September 5)

Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Programme 

Dive into postgraduate exploration in France with full backing and creative absorption tests for high-reaching international scholars.

Chevening literacy 

Pursue a master’s parchment within the UK with complete backing and networking openings for unborn leaders from several international locations. ( Deadline varies using way of United States).

Scholarship for International Students


The Fulbright Program

Engage in worldwide instructional and creative change through further than many literacies for study, exploration, and teaching opportunities within the US. ( Deadlines vary)

DAAD literacy 

Explore colorful study and research possibilities in Germany with complete or partial backing through plenty of DAAD education programs. ( Deadlines vary)

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships

Conduct doctoral research in Canada with complete backing and accomplice for extraordinary worldwide council students in several fields. ( Deadline December 1st)

Australian Awards literacy 

Pursue undergraduate, postgraduate, and research situations in Australia with complete backing and help for high-attaining council pupils from developing international locations. ( Deadlines range)

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Netherlands Fellowship Programmes 

Pursue research or master’s exploration in the Netherlands with complete backing and assistance for whole international scholars. ( Deadlines range)

International Scholarships Programs Levels


LesterB. Pearson International Scholarship:

Full backing for fantastic council pupils to find out about at the University of Toronto, Canada. ( Deadline December 1st) .

National Merit Scholarship Program: 

Partial literacy for excessive-achieving US inordinate school seniors grounded completely on PSAT/ NMSQT ratings. ( Deadline October 31st) .

The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program

Full backing for academically blessed council students from Africa to find out approximately at prestigious universities encyclopedia best friend. ( Deadlines vary)

Aga Khan Development Network Scholarship Programme 

Partial or full backing for undergraduate and postgraduate exploration for terrific council pupils from growing countries with restricted economic way. ( Deadlines vary).

Table: International Scholarships Programs

Scholarship NameLevelTarget AudienceBenefitsDeadline (2024/2025)
Gates Cambridge ScholarshipsUndergraduate, Masters, PhDDeveloping countriesFull funding, living expenses, travelOct 31
Rhodes ScholarshipsMasters, PhDVarious nationalitiesFull funding, living expenses, community supportAug 1
Schwarzman Scholars ProgramMastersAll nationalitiesFull funding, mentorship, cultural experiencesSept 5
Eiffel Excellence Scholarship ProgrammeMastersInternational studentsFull funding, living expenses, cultural immersionJan 10
Chevening ScholarshipsMastersVarious countriesFull funding, living expenses, networking opportunitiesVaries
The Fulbright ProgramVariesVariesVariesVaries
DAAD ScholarshipsVariesVariesVariesVaries
Vanier Canada Graduate ScholarshipsPhDInternational studentsFull funding, living expenses, supportDec 1
Australian Awards ScholarshipsUndergraduate, Masters, PhDDeveloping countriesFull funding, living expenses, supportVaries
Netherlands Fellowship ProgrammesMasters, PhDInternational studentsFull funding, living expenses, supportVaries
Lester B. Pearson International ScholarshipUndergraduateInternational studentsFull funding, living expenses, supportDec 1 (2024)
National Merit Scholarship ProgramUndergraduateUS high school seniorsPartial fundingOct 31 (2024)
The MasterCard Foundation Scholars ProgramUndergraduateAfricaFull funding, living expenses, supportVaries
Aga Khan Development Network Scholarship ProgrammeUndergraduate, MastersDeveloping countriesPartial/full fundingVaries
Oxford Clarendon ScholarshipsMastersInternational studentsFull funding, living expensesJan 4 (2025)
Marshall ScholarshipsMastersUS citizensFull funding, living expenses, supportSept 29 (2024)
Eric Bleumink Fund ScholarshipsMastersDeveloping countriesFull funding, living expensesFeb 1 (2025)
SWE Scholarship for WomenMasters, PhDWomen in engineeringFull funding, living expenses, supportVaries
Mitacs Globalink Research AwardPhDInternational studentsFunding for research stay in CanadaVaries
The DAAD-NRF Doctoral Scholarship ProgrammePhDSouth African studentsFull funding, living expensesApr 30 (2024)
Clarendon Fund Scholarships at the University of OxfordPhDInternational studentsFull funding, living expensesJan 4 (2025)
Endeavour PhD ScholarshipsPhDInternational studentsFull funding, living expenses, supportVaries
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PhD Transnational Scholars 

  • Mitacs Globalink Research Award: Funding for global PhD council pupils to conduct research at Canadian universities for 12- 24 months. ( Deadlines vary)
  • The DAAD- NRF Doctoral Scholarship Programme: Joint PhD literacy for South African council scholars to find out about at German universities. ( Deadline April thirtieth)
  • Clarendon Fund literacy at University of Oxford: Funding for wonderful international council scholars pursuing doctoral classes at the University of Oxford, UK ( Deadline January 4th)
  • Endeavor PhD literacy: Support for global PhD council scholars to discover about Australia at any Australian university. ( Deadlines range)

Scholarship through Discipline

  • Gates Cambridge Literacy in Humanities and Social: lores Focuses on particular humanities and social lores motifs at the University of Cambridge. ( Deadline October thirty-first) Schwarzman.
  • Scholars Program in Global Affairs: Specifically for council pupils interested in China’s feature in transnational affairs. ( Deadline September fifth)
  • SWE Education for Women in Engineering: For women pursuing engineering tiers at master’s.

FAQs: International Scholarships Programs

What literacy is available for transnational students in 2024- 2025? 

There are masses of literacy programs for transnational students, protecting colorful examination conditions, fields, and ethnicities. Explore coffers like Scholarships365, Scholars4Dev, and Completely Funded Literacy for comprehensive lists.

What are the cut-off dates for this literacy?

Deadlines vary substantially, some are probably open now, whilst others open later in the time. Regularly check training websites and closing dates to avoid lacking out.

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