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PMT Score Ramadan Relief

Ramadan, the month of advantages and compassion, brings with it the spirit of giving and sharing. This year, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif, has unveiled plans for a Ramadan Relief Package aimed at assisting the underprivileged within this holy month. In this whole guide, we delve into the intricacies of the PMT Score Ramadan Relief Package, supplying clarity on eligibility standards, utility tactics, and advantages.

PMT Score

The PMT (Poverty Means Test) rating is a vital determinant for humans looking for assistance via the Ramadan Relief Package.

Eligibility Criteria

PMT Score Requirement: To qualify for the comfort package deal, human beings want to possess a PMT score of 60 or less.

Income Threshold: Additionally, applicants with a monthly income below 60,000 rupees are eligible for this system.

How to Check Your PMT Score

Many humans may also moreover be not sure about their PMT score and a way to look at it. Fortunately, the system is straightforward and available to all.

Step-through-Step Guide

Visit the Official Portal: Access the sure net site furnished via the authorities.

Provide Necessary Information: Input your private crucial points as triggered.

Receive PMT Score: Upon submission, your PMT score can be generated, indicating your eligibility reputation.

Subsidy on Rashan 2024

One of the essential advantages of the PMT Score Ramadan Relief Package is the supply of sponsored rations, ensuring essential elements are reachable to those in want.

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Ration Subsidy Details

Essential Items: Flour, ghee, sugar, and specific staples are on hand at discounted charges.

Example Pricing: For instance, 10 kg of flour is priced at 648 rupees, ghee at 365 rupees in step with kg, and sugar at 109 rupees.

PMT Score Ramadan Relief
PMT Score Ramadan Relief

Muft Rashan Program:

The Muft Rashan Program, introduced below the Ramadan Relief Package, is a beacon of wish for impoverished households at some stage in Pakistan.

Special Discounts: Beneficiaries can experience special discounts on ration purchases.

Eligibility Criteria: To participate, women and men ought to belong to economically disadvantaged families with monthly profits below sixty thousand rupees.

Benazir Income Support Program Integration

Beneficiaries already enrolled in the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) routinely appear for the Ramadan Rashan Scheme, streamlining the software program manner for eligible applicants.


The PMT Score Ramadan Relief Package stands as a testament to the government’s determination to uplift marginalized communities and foster inclusivity. By extending a supporting hand in the course of Ramadan, authorities intend to spread pride and alleviate the burden of poverty for countless families. Through reachable strategies and targeted subsidies, this initiative seeks to embody the real essence of compassion and harmony.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Who is eligible for the PMT Score Ramadan Relief Package?

Individuals with a PMT score of 60 or a good deal less and monthly earnings under 60,000 rupees qualify for this system.

How can I check my PMT rating?

You can take a look at your PMT rating by way of journeying the valid authorities portal and supplying crucial personal records.

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What blessings does the treatment package deal provide?

The package deal offers subsidized rations, collectively with essential gadgets such as flour, ghee, and sugar, at discounted rates.

Is enrollment within the Benazir Income Support Program crucial to avail of the Ramadan Rashan Scheme?

No, whilst BISP beneficiaries are robotically taken into consideration, enrollment is no longer a prerequisite for participation in the application.

How can I practice for the Muft Rashan Program?

Eligible parents can practice for the Muft Rashan Program by way of making sure their PMT rating meets the exact requirements and verifying their eligibility primarily based mostly on profit thresholds.

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