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Punjab Solar Scheme

Punjab Solar Scheme Chief Minister of Punjab Maryam Nawaz has delivered supply 50 thousand picture voltaic structures for the duration of Punjab. The purpose of this scheme is That families need to be freed from electric power bills and inspired to farm electric power at no cost Due to the excessive fee for electrical strength in Pakistan, this step is being taken. Terrible people, low-profits, and small-scale organizations could be furnished with this photo voltaic system.

This utility will supply 50,000 greenback systems during Punjab, of which those photo voltaic structures may be delivered to those who are entitled to them. Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz has allotted a budget of 12. 6 billion rupees for the challenge. It will create prices in which within the first phase one hundred devices may be provided to 50,000 clients in convenient installments. Under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Punjab Maryam Nawaz, the power home answer was once reviewed within the assembly, the vicinity of important points was given, and a layout was organized to deliver 50,000 systems to exceptional clients of Punjab. New Update Government Solar Panel Scheme

Solar Panel Subsidy Punjab Pakistan

After the subsidy throughout Punjab, now the scheme has been launched with the aid of fixing the charge of photograph voltaic panel structures in Punjab, underneath which the people who’re doing commercial business enterprise in small approaches. This scheme presents a strong form to the poor human beings for 5 years at Isan 7. And free electric strength may be furnished to humans, it’s far additionally probable to decrease the price of power. Solar Systems Scheme

Therefore, Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz has stated that presently it will likely be delivered in Punjab, and after that, they plan to hold it to the entire of Pakistan, so the registration manner for this software has been made very smooth. If you choose to get registered in this software program then you could get registered very effects and after utilizing for photo voltaic you could additionally get solar.

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Punjab Solar Scheme
Punjab Solar Scheme


Benefits of CM Punjab Solar Scheme

Under this plan, humans above 18 years of age can get image voltaic in it for 5 years if the electric power load of the citizen is brief a unit or a great deal much less then he may be eligible for this experiment. Not being eligible for the scheme facilitates you with the assistance of the electric strength invoice. The Chief Minister of Punjab has brought to offer unfastened electrical electricity to the households in Ramadan Mubarak as well as free electric energy below this scheme. Muft Solar System Registration

If you get registered within the scheme through a manner of paying some money, you don’t need to pay the month-to-month bill You have to pay as quickly as for image voltaic and you don’t must pay any consignment for 5 years

How To Apply For Solar Easy Method

The registration manner is made very on hand in this Scheme. If you choose to get your registration carried out, first of all, you have to go to your nearest bank, which is Punjab Family, this is, you have to go to Bank of Punjab.

After that, you need to get the shape for registration, you need to take your complete information at once, you have to write the entire information of your load, in accordance to how masses electrical strength you spend in step with month, you need to observe for the sun. As quickly as your request is processed, you may be sent a message from one side, then the consultant will come to your domestic and after getting the complete information, you’ll be mounted the picture voltaic system. Get Solar Panels with Only 25% Payment

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You can get extra details from the Bank of Punjab or our website. You can be provided a mortgage in monthly installments via which you can set up sun.

Punjab Solar Scheme
Punjab Solar Scheme


Who Can Apply For Punjab Solar Scheme

People who do industrial organization on a small scale and have very little monthly profits can without trouble observe this application and get a loan As quickly as greater details and information are given through the authorities of Pakistan, we will offer you the entire utility right here in clean phrases. Interest-Free Solar Panel Systems

So that they recognize a way to comply with and whether or not or no longer they’ll be eligible or not after applying. Complete critical points can be given to you right here in case you or any of your family individuals. A person who wishes to qualify through this scheme can without problem qualify himself and get the loan.


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The registration process for the Negahban Program is straightforward and can be completed online, making it accessible to eligible guardians and caretakers. This initiative is part of the broader efforts to enhance social welfare and ensure that no child is left behind.

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