Best Guaid To Resolving 938 Code Error in BISP Payment

Understanding the BISP 938 Code Error

The 938 Code Error is a technical issue that often frustrates beneficiaries of the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) when attempting to withdraw funds. This error primarily affects transactions made through ATMs or at BISP payment centers, disrupting the smooth access to financial assistance provided by the program. It’s important to note that this error does not stem from issues related to the beneficiary’s eligibility or account status but rather from system malfunctions within the BISP infrastructure.

Causes of the 938 Code Error

Several factors contribute to the occurrence of the 938 Code Error:

  • Network Issues: Temporary disruptions or instability in the network can prevent successful transaction processing.
  • Incorrect Beneficiary Details: Errors in entering beneficiary information, such as account numbers or personal details, can lead to transaction failures.
  • System Malfunctions: Technical glitches within the BISP system itself may cause transaction errors during fund withdrawal attempts.

Steps to Resolve the 938 Code Error

Resolving the 938 Code Error requires a systematic approach to ensure timely access to BISP payments:

1. Visit the Nearest BISP Office

Locate and visit your nearest BISP program registration office. The staff at these offices are equipped to assist beneficiaries in resolving payment-related issues.

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2. Report the Error

Inform the BISP office staff about the 938 error you are encountering. Provide specific details about when and where the error occurred to facilitate quicker resolution.

3. Submit Necessary Documents

Depending on the nature of the error, you may be required to submit additional documents or information. This step is crucial in verifying your identity and ensuring accurate processing of your payment.

4. Try Alternative Withdrawal Methods

If the 938 error persists after visiting the BISP office, consider alternative methods for withdrawing your funds:

  • BISP Payment Centers: Visit another BISP payment center in your area. These centers are equipped to handle various transaction issues and may offer quicker resolutions.
  • Alternative ATMs: Try using a different ATM or banking facility to withdraw your BISP funds. Sometimes, the issue may be specific to a particular machine or network.

Latest Updates and Additional Information

Recent updates regarding the 938 Code Error highlight specific aspects that beneficiaries should be aware of:

  • Use of Code 8171: For registration purposes, beneficiaries should use code 8171 instead of 938. This ensures smoother processing and reduces the likelihood of encountering registration-related errors.
  • Impact on Withdrawal Process: The 938 Code Error specifically affects the withdrawal process at ATMs. It does not influence other aspects of BISP registration or eligibility.
Steps to Resolve the 938 Code Error


Encountering the 938 Code Error can be frustrating, but taking proactive steps can expedite its resolution and ensure timely receipt of BISP payments. By promptly reporting the error, providing necessary documentation, and exploring alternative withdrawal methods, beneficiaries can mitigate the impact of this technical issue.

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What does the 938 code error in BISP payment mean?

The 938 code error typically indicates a technical issue hindering the withdrawal of BISP funds. It may involve transaction processing errors or incorrect beneficiary details.

How long does it usually take to resolve a 938 code error?

Resolution times vary based on the complexity of the issue. Simple errors can be resolved quickly, while others may require more time and follow-up with BISP support.

Are there any common reasons for encountering the 938 code error in BISP payments?

Some common reasons for encountering the 938 code error include incorrect beneficiary account details, network or system issues during transaction processing, insufficient funds in the beneficiary account, or security and compliance-related issues.

Is there a helpline or customer support I can contact for further assistance?

Yes, BISP offers customer support services to assist beneficiaries with resolving payment errors like the 938 code error. Check their official channels for updated contact information.

By adhering to these comprehensive guidelines and promptly addressing any issues encountered, beneficiaries can ensure smooth access to their BISP program benefits and minimize disruptions in fund disbursement.

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