Exciting News for BISP Beneficiaries | WhatsApp Complaint Portal Launched in 2024

WhatsApp Complaint Portal

In a groundbreaking bypass to decorate accessibility and effectivity for beneficiaries of the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP), the utility administration has added a WhatsApp Complaint Portal. This revolutionary initiative’s goal is to tackle the challenges confronted by the manner of low-profit households in having access to money repayments and navigating application registration tactics. With the advent of this portal, beneficiaries now have a streamlined road to seek out assistance and get to the bottom of problems directly.

Support Families

The preference to launch the WhatsApp Complaint Portal underscores the willpower of the Benazir Income Support Program to supply help to willing communities. Recognizing the restrictions faced via the usage of many folks in gaining access to software program benefits, the boom of WhatsApp-based total services represents an incredible step toward enhancing accessibility and inclusivity.

Complaint Resolution Capacity

One of the key benefits of the WhatsApp Complaint Portal is its functionality to facilitate rapid and environment pleasant criticism resolution. Beneficiaries who come across demanding situations with money payments or software registration can now publish their court cases immediately through WhatsApp, permitting nicely timed intervention and backbone. This proactive strategy not only complements consumer trips but also fosters confidence and self-notion in the program’s responsiveness to beneficiary desires.

Regional WhatsApp Numbers

To ensure widespread accessibility and tailor-made support, the Benazir Income Support Program has set up devoted WhatsApp numbers for every area, at the side of Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. By providing region-unique touch channels, the application desires to cater to the special desires and options of beneficiaries in special provinces.

Punjab BISP WhatsApp Number

For beneficiaries dwelling in Punjab, the precise WhatsApp amount (0320-3263041) serves as an instantaneous line of verbal exchange with application authorities. Whether in search of information or registering proceedings, humans can leverage this platform to get the right access to nicely timed help and guidance.

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Sindh BISP WhatsApp Number

Similarly, citizens of Sindh can employ the devoted WhatsApp amount (0320-3263041) to tackle their worries and inquiries concerning utility registration and eligibility. This streamlined communication channel empowers beneficiaries to are looking for for help quite simply, except for the want for bodily visits to software workplaces.

Balochistan BISP WhatsApp Number

In Balochistan, the introduction of a devoted WhatsApp quantity (0325-5365469) represents a big milestone in improving accessibility and service delivery for beneficiaries. By leveraging virtual conversation platforms, the software goals are to overcome geographical boundaries and ensure equitable right of entry to to software facts and help services.

WhatsApp Complaint Portal
WhatsApp Complaint Portal

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa BISP WhatsApp Number

Beneficiaries in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa can now advantage of the devoted WhatsApp quantity (0325-5365469) to tackle their application-associated issues and queries. This initiative underscores the program’s willpower to leverage technological know-a way to beautify carrier shipping and empower beneficiaries in several areas.

Streamlined Complaint Process

The introduction of the WhatsApp Complaint Portal streamlines the manner of registering and resolving lawsuits for BISP beneficiaries. Whether managing demanding situations with software program registration, eligibility criteria, or fee disbursement, ladies and men can now search for help and coaching through an accessible and trouble-unfastened platform.

Complaint Submission

Beneficiaries have the selection to put up lawsuits online through the WhatsApp Complaint Portal, doing away with the need for physical visits to software program offices. This online submission technique expedites complaint decisions and lets beneficiaries to music the recognition of their complaints in real-time, ensuring transparency and duty in software management.

Dynamic Registration Process

To facilitate the registration of complaints, the BISP administration has carried out a dynamic registration approach at tehsil office. Beneficiaries can visit their nearest tehsil workplace, furnish particular information about their proceedings, and place up a complaint shape to the Assistant Director for immediate resolution.

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Helpline for Fake SMS Complaints

In response to the incidence of fraudulent SMS communications targeted at BISP beneficiaries, a devoted helpline has been installed to address fake SMS court cases. Beneficiaries can record suspicious SMS messages via this helpline, permitting the software program administration to make extraordinary motions to defend beneficiaries’ pastimes.


The release of the WhatsApp Complaint Portal using the Benazir Income Support Program marks an excellent milestone in making improvements to service shipping and assist for low-earnings households at some point in Pakistan. By leveraging digital conversation platforms, the software objectives are to decorate accessibility, streamline grievance selection tactics, and empower beneficiaries to get proper entry to well-timed help and guidance. As the software program continues to adapt and innovate, it remains devoted to marketing inclusivity, transparency, and accountability in its operations

Unlocking Empowerment: 3 Key Benefits for Ehsaas Program Beneficiaries

The Ehsaas program continues to be a beacon of hope for millions of beneficiaries across Pakistan, offering a multitude of transformative benefits aimed at uplifting communities and fostering socio-economic development. Here are three key advantages that Ehsaas program beneficiaries can enjoy:

1. Financial Assistance: Through various initiatives under the Ehsaas program, eligible individuals receive financial support to meet their basic needs, including cash stipends, scholarships, and interest-free loans, empowering them to improve their standard of living.

2. Social Protection: Ehsaas ensures that vulnerable segments of society, such as widows, orphans, and persons with disabilities, have access to essential social protection services, including healthcare, food security, and shelter assistance, safeguarding their well-being and dignity.

3. Economic Empowerment: By providing opportunities for skill development, vocational training, and entrepreneurship, the Ehsaas program equips beneficiaries with the tools and resources needed to enhance their earning potential, break the cycle of poverty, and build sustainable livelihoods.

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