Nigehban 5500 Rashaan Program From Utility Store Latest Update April 2024

NEW Nigehban 5500 Rashaan Program 

After the Punjab Government’s crowning glory of the Nigehban Rashaan Relief Program, it’s been determined to begin the Nigahban 5500 Rashan Program for deserving and negative families. The utility keeps offering free rations to the needy and underprivileged below the Nigahban Rashan Program. The Government of Punjab has released the 5500 Nighaban Ration Program for those who’ve been omitted from the Negahban Rashan Relief Program.

Therefore, with the purpose of furnishing consolation to such humans, the government has now determined to grant Rashan free of cost under the Neghaban Rashan 5500 application from the application save. And for this, it’s been determined to release 15 billion rupees from the Punjab government. Under this subsidy, about 50 lakh households may be benefited. Therefore, these human beings who choose to advantage of the Negahban Rashan Program have to get their registration accomplished at the nearest BISP utility place of business as fast as possible. After which you will get maintenance of a ration from the utility store if eligible.

Maryam Nawaz Negahban 5500 Rashan Program

Chief Minister Punjab Maryam Nawaz Sharif has determined to begin the Nigehban 5500 Rashaan utility at once. Due to inadequate information from the Punjab authorities, many poor human beings have been neglected to get aid. Therefore, to assist such human beings once more, the Nighban Rashan software has been beginning out thru the Punjab authorities. Accordingly, such oldsters will be supplied a loose ration within the satisfaction of Eid from the application keep. If you select to get this unfastened ration, then sign up as quickly as possible. For this, the Punjab authorities have installed registration desks in BISP tehsil offices. So do your registration as speedy as feasible and get Nigahban 5500 unfastened ration.

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Eligibility Criteria

The Punjab authorities have set new eligibility requirements to be part of the Nigehban 5500 Rashaan software. If you meet the eligibility standards, you’ll get a hold of a loose Rashan from the application keep. The eligibility requirements are given beneath.

The month-to-month profits of the applicant want to be a good deal much less than 30 thousand rupees.

The applicant has to now not have lodging available.

Your poverty score from the NSER survey needs to be a whole lot less than 20.

Your discover must not be involved in any crook activity.

The applicant or his family need to no longer be related to the Govt.

If you’ve got a profits monetary organization account, it ought to now not to be greater than 50 thousand.

You have to now not have a passport of any kind.

Nigehban Rashaan Program Registration Procedure

Registration in the Nigehban Rashaan Program is ongoing through the Government of Punjab. Those humans who pick to get loose Rashan from the utility keep can check in themselves in this utility as in step with the method given under. And can get an unfastened Rashan of 5500 if eligible.

Go for your nearest BISP tehsil place of business and inform the consultant there approximately registration in the Nihgaban software.

Provide your National Identity Card range to the representative.

Obtain the Caretaker Ration Registration shape from the consultant fill it up, and submit it again.

After returning the registration shape, get your thumbs examined and additionally get your registered cellular wide variety verified. Because you will get a keep of an SMS of eligibility on this registered cell range. After that, you will be provided with an unfastened Rashan.

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Wait for the eligibility verification and on receipt of the SMS, go to the closest software keep and get a loose ration from the Nighaban Rashan Program.

Nigehban 5500
Nigehban 5500

The Punjab government is beginning the Nigahban 5500 Ration utility because of the truth the Negahban ration treatment software had failed miserably and it changed into once now not viable to supply unfastened Rashan to deserving and terrible households through it. Therefore, the Punjab Government has started the Nighaban Rashan Program to deliver treatment to humans. Under this now every deserving horrible household member might be furnished a free Rashan of 5500 from the utility keep. Whose registration has been started. So register yourself on this application as quickly as possible and get eligible to get free Rashan from the software store.

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